Children's Educational Tour

Kumar and Shanthan were studying in the same class at the Kinniya Central College (National school). Both are students of class four. As it is the last month of this year, it was announced in the school that all the students would go on an educational tour.

Kumar asked his class teacher where we were going on the educational tour. To which the teacher said he was going to Kandy and Colombo to see a lot of places.

Colombo has the largest zoo in dehiwela. There you can see all the animals, like lions, bears, tigers, monkeys, deer, elephants, varieties of dogs, etc. The teacher said that you could visit the birds and water elephant games. This made Kumar and Shanthan very happy.

Shantan and Kumar asked the class teacher to register their names on the list. Many students expressed interest in going on field trips.

In the next two days, all the students went on a field trip. First they went to Colombo and visited the Museum, Parks, Planetarium and Lotus Tower. All the students showed interest in visiting the zoo.

To Dehiwela Zoo; they went and enjoyed seeing all kinds of animals, birds, creatures and the animals. Shanthan brought his father's phone on the trip. There Shanthan enjoyed taking photos of the animals.

Later, they went to Kandy and enjoyed seeing many places like parks. It was too late for the night. On reaching the village, everyone's parents were standing in front of the school. They took their children one by one and went home.

Next morning, Kumar explained about his educational trip to his parents. They are amazed. This trip was really suitable and helped with my studies.

After that, I got ready to go to the school. I wrote my educational trip and showed it to my class teacher. He asked to read loudly in the classroom. I read my educational trip experience in the class room.

The teacher mostly appreciated me, and my classmates also read my note, and they said, this is an amazing essay.

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