General Knowledge (Sri Lanka's Education) Tamil & English - 04

01. In which year was the Compulsory Education Act introduced? 1998.

02. Compulsory education was enacted in the year 1997.

03. What does the term 'Loco Parents' mean? Relocating parents

04. Foreign agency providing support for curriculum events? World Bank

05. Number of National Colleges of Education in Sri Lanka? 19

06. Which is the first National College of Education in Sri Lanka? Mahavali National College of Education

07. Sri Lanka's first education minister? C.W.W Kannankara

08. When was C.W.W. Kannangara the Education Minister? 1931 - 1947

09. The first education minister of independent Sri Lanka? E.A Nukewela

10. Who is credited with establishing Madhya Maha Vidyalayas in Sri Lanka? C.W.W Kannangara

11. In which year was the first free uniform issued? 1993.

12. In which year was the system of providing cash vouchers instead of free uniforms introduced? 2015.

13. In which year were the first free textbooks provided? 1980.

14. In which year was the nutrition program provided for primary students started? 2005.

15. Is there no compulsory educational age now? 5-16 Years (20/4/2016)

16. What is the age at which a 'child' is accepted by the UN? From birth to 18 years

17. In which year was the free education scheme implemented in Sri Lanka? 1945.

18. In which year were National Schools established in Sri Lanka? 1987

19. Current number of National Schools in Sri Lanka? 353

20. Currently, the number of universities in Sri Lanka? 15

21. What are the National Education Goals? 08

22. Which body formulates the National Education Policy? National Education Commission (NEC)

23. Organization to design a school art syllabus program? National Institute of Education (NIE)

24. Which organization conducts national level exams?

Sri Lanka Examinations Department

25. How many times is the curriculum revised as per National Education Policy? Once in 08 years

26. In which year was the National Education Commission formed? 1991.

27. In which year was the National Institute of Education formed? 1986.

28. Universities with Faculty of Education in Sri Lanka? University of Colombo, Open University

29. Paris schools were started by whom? Portuguese

30. College of Education started an English course? Peradheniya National College of Education

31. Name of the rural education scheme started by C.W.W Kannangara? Hendasa (1932)

32. What is the governing body for pre-schools? Local bodies

33. In which year was the School Central Teacher Appointment Scheme introduced? 2011

34. SAARC University was established in which year? 2007 (New Delhi)

35. In which year were schools nationalized? 1960.

36. Open University was established in which year? 1980

37. Year of establishment of Sri Lanka Law College? 1874

38. In which year was the introduction of Self-interpretation? 1956.

39. Where is the College of Education for Industry proposed? Kuliyapitiya

40. Where is the Nano technology Institute located in Sri Lanka? Malwana

41. Where was the first central college (Madhya Mahavidyalaya) established in Sri Lanka? Maddhugama

42. College of Commerce Education is located at? Maharagama

43. Where was the first Smart Classroom opened in Sri Lanka? Jayawardhanapura (Boys) Maha Vidyalaya.

44. Where is Nano Technology Park located in Sri Lanka? Homagama

45. Where is South Asia's first Green University (National School of Business Management - NSBM)? Homagama, Pitipana
Homagama_NSBM Building

46. Where is the South Asian Teacher Training Institute set up in Sri Lanka? Meebe

47. Where is the official residence of the Ministry of Education situated? Battaramulla (Isurupaya)

48. The International Institute for Educational Planning is located in which city? Paris (France)

49. Who initiated the 'Mahapola' scholarship scheme? Lalith Athulak Mudali

50. Which academic philosopher wrote the books Republic, Law? Plato

51. Who said 'Education and philosophy are like two sides of a coin'? W. Rose

52. Who wrote the book Politics? Aristotle

53. Who said 'Books are more dangerous weapons than guns'? Martin Luther King

54. Who said 'Education is a powerful weapon'? Nelson Mandela

55. Who emphasized that 'experiences should be given to children experience by experience'? John Doe

56. Who propounded utilitarian ideas in education? John Doe

57. Who wrote the educational book 'Emily'? Jean-Jacques Rousseau

58. Who introduced the theory of Multiple Intelligences? Howard Gardiner

59. Who introduced the theory of psycho-analysis? Sigmon Pride

60. Who propounded Naturalist or Contextualist thought? Rousseau

61. Who propounded the idealistic view of education? Plato

62. Who introduced the 5E system? Rodger Bybee

63. What is the maximum number of members a School Management Committee should have? 12 (01 year tenure)

64. In which year was the Proficiency Level Syllabus introduced for Sri Lankan schools? 2007

65. What is meant by 'Teacher Professionalism'? A character to be acquired by teachers.

66. In which year was school level mathematics introduced? 1998.

67. Education reform policy introduced in 1980? Education Reform White Paper

68. In which year was the Ministry of School Education formed? 2000.

69. In which year tea estate schools were taken over by the government? 1977

70. When are the Teacher's Oath regulations being revised which are currently used? 2014

71. In which year was the free distribution of uniforms started in Sri Lanka? 1993.

72. Which country introduced examinations in the education system? China

73. Which country introduced free education? Netherland

74. World's first university? University of Bologna - Italy

75. Which country introduced the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) system? England

76. Number of levels under the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Act? 07

77. Award given to the best teachers in Sri Lanka? Guru Pradeepa Prabha

78. Award for Science in Sri Lanka? Vidya Jyoti

79. The organization that awards the Fields Medal, known as the Nobel Prize for Mathematics? International Mathematical Union

80. The officer in charge of the Provincial Education Ministry? Secretary of the Provincial Ministry of Education

81. The first school started in Sri Lanka? Galle Richmond College (1814)

82. The first prison school started in Sri Lanka? Homagama Sunitha Vidyalayam, (Circular Jail - 2014)

83. The first technical college set up in Sri Lanka? Marudanai College of Technology

84. The first university established in Sri Lanka? University of Ceylon (1921)

85. Which organization conducts the exams nationally? Sri Lanka Examinations Department

86. Which company prints and publishes free textbooks? Department of National Education Publications

87. Who introduced examination systems? Henry Fischel*

88. Number of Articles of Universal Declaration of Education? 10

89. Number of official languages of the United Nations? 6

90. Official tenure of School Development Committee? 02 year

91. Which organization is set up for the development of information technology in rural areas? Nenasala

92. Which international organization provides cooperation for school development planning? UNESCO

93. Extension of UNESCO? It means, United Nations Education, Science & Cultural Organization

94. Where is the headquarters of UNESCO located? Paris (France)

95. Registration of international schools in Sri Lanka? Department of Registrar of Companies

96. Chief Executive Officer of National Colleges of Education? Commissioner of Educational Colleges

97. Provincial councils were given educational authority? Through the 13th Constitutional Amendment

98. Educational objective of Portuguese CARE? Propagation of Catholicism

99. Educational objective of Hollander? Spreading Protestantism

100. Which program is conducted to explore the endurance of students of class 7 in terms of literature? Strong acceptance

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