Uses of media

Communicative methods are very important in the world. The media is a device helping to express opinions and feelings. commonly, communicative devices are called media, and at the same time, language also called as media. everyone has trying to explore the opinion through languages. media gives the valuable and unworthy things to people through media. we can divide this advantages and disadvantages. lot of people getting the benefits through media and someone getting disadvantages.

The media is basically divided into 03 types:
01. Print Media
02. Electronic Media
03. Other Media
01. Print Media:
Print media are the biggest earning or achievement of human beings. Print media are an ancient communicative system. The first printing system was established in the 15th century in Germany. Print media are based on printing paper. It is published in newspapers and magazines.

Newspapers and magazines help to read the news and articles through newspapers and magazines. We can read this anytime. People want the vocabulary knowledge to read this.

02. Electronic Media:
In this century, the world has been widely extended communication system. we are changed to electronic media from the print media. Radio, television, movies and electronic media are giving the news instantly. so, we can get the news minute to minute. with compare to news paper, If want to know the news we have to wait until tomorrow.

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and Telegrams also include electronic media to share and communicative device to share the news or messges. to using the electronic media have lot of rules and regulation to public users. anyone can't break the rules. If anyone breaks the rules, they may face legal problems.

03. Other media:
Many people use a way to communicate or contact people without electronic and print media. Commonly, it's called other media. It's acting through the help of people talking, hearing, acting, signing methods and also included in other media.

Types of media:

Print Media
  • News Papers
  • Magazines
  • Posters
  • Boards
  • Books
  • Short news minute
  • leaflet
Electronic Media
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Internet
  • E-Mail
  • Movies
  • Cartoon

Other Media
  • Drama
  • Speech
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Music
  • Stage Programs
  • Protest
  • Poem
  • Short Story
  • Brail method
Basically, the media helps to move freedom life. at the same time gives the importance to build the economical status of country or individual person. we should understand positive and negative things in the media who living in the world.

Positive things in the media
  • The media connects people together.
  • Spread knowledge and protection
  • Widely reach the people
  • Documenting everything
  • Helps to research every subject
  • Helps with social community or team work
  • Fully being basement for everything.
Negative things in the media:
  • The media can build negative things among people.
  • The media can make faulty news
  • commonly has money in mind (Fake news and advertisements)
Everyone looks in the media commonly as a freedom fighter or white pigeon. Every country's development depends on the media. Every media personality should care about the country's environment, culture, art, etc..

So, the media is one of the pillars of the country, and media personality has fully responsibility to develop the country through journalism.

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