Conversation between Teacher and Deputy Principal

This incident happened at a school between a teacher and a deputy principal. The teacher asked for two weeks' leave from the school. The teacher is entering the school administrative office.

Teacher: Good afternoon sir. May I come in?

Deputy Principal: Yes. Please come and take your seat.

Teacher: Thank you sir. I would like to take some leave for personal reasons.

Deputy Principal: OK. How many days do you prefer to take leave?

Teacher: A couple of weeks sir.

Deputy Principal: couple of weeks?

Teacher: Yes sir. I need this leave compulsory.

Deputy Principal: If you get a couple of weeks' leave, we have to arrange for another teacher to cover this class for two weeks. Do you refer any teacher for this place in this school?

Teacher: Yes sir. Chandra Sekhar Sir will cover my time when I leave.

Deputy Principal: Do you already inform the principal about leave or want to inform you?

Teacher: No sir. I haven't informed him yet. I have an idea to pass this message to you and he is also on leave. So, I cannot reach the principal nowadays.I would like to please pass this message to him.

Deputy Principal: OK. But, if you don't mind, I know why you are taking the long-term leave?

Teacher: I have some problems with my body. I want to get medical treatment at a hospital. So, hospital administrators informed us the surgery would come coming Monday. So, I want to go to the hospital and want to be admitted to the hospital ward before Sunday evening.

Deputy Principal: So, you have medical leave.

Teacher: Yes sir.

Deputy Principal: OK. I approve your leave as a administrative deputy principal of the school. You can take leave. Give me to submit your leave letter to us.

Teacher: OK. Thank you so much sir. Please include me in all your prayers and for my healthy life.

Deputy Principal: Don't worry. Almighty Allah will save you and give you strength in your life.

Teacher: Thank you sir. My class will be covered by Chandrasekhar, Sir.

Deputy Principal: Don't worry sir. I will observe and take responsibility when you leave.

Teacher: Thank you so much for your help sir.

Deputy Principal: It's OK. And get ready for your treatment. I have some urgent work. Catch you later.

​Principal: Ok sir. Thank you for the compliment.

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