School sports festival day

My school is Kinniya Central College. It is situated in Trincomalee district. It is a national school and it has more than 1000 students. It is a boys' school. At our school, it is from junior to senior level. Here, we are studying in the stream of arts, maths, science and commerce. We like our school very much. 

And, at our school, school administration conducts sports for students, including teachers, every year. We are eagerly waiting for the sports festival to participate in the program. Here, it will be held with a lot of programs. Our school administration are inviting guests for this event. Usually, the event is conducted in the evening.

In this event, a running race, high jump, a marathon, cycling, swimming and long jump etc... These students will be really amazing. Students' parents will participate in this event. They will encourage their students. At our school, students are divided into four teams and they create their own beautiful and modern houses. Every team will fight with another team to win in the sports meet.

Our school houses' names are Safa, Marwa, Mina and Arafa. When starting the sports meeting, every chief guest will go to team-made houses. The house's team mates welcome the guest and guests will give hospitality to them. They will give them marks for every house. It will count in total marks.

It really will be an amazing moment. On the outside of the school gate and near the ground, some business people are selling their products like ice cream and food items, including sweet items. Many students, including another school. It feels like a market also. At this sports festival, if participating students get the win, they will get a price at that moment.

And, every student feels the sports festival is important to every student and it is growing every person personality. It's developing the skills and competitive methods of every person.

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