Improper Relationship

Nivetha had said that today could be a holiday so we could go to the park. There was no one at home. My wife has also gone out of the area for office work. A week's balance to return home. So the father took his daughter Nivetha and went to the park. Niveda's father, Kumar, said that we would also have dinner in a hotel.

Both got ready and headed towards the park in the car. The park was crowded. Many people were there. Children enjoyed playing. Many people were entering the park. Some were leaving.

Father Kumar used to buy ice-cream and biscuits from some shops at the entrance of the park for his daughter to curse. The daughter was playing happily.

The daughter was eating ice cream and was having fun. Then suddenly Daughter Nivetha said to her father, "Dad... mom is there."

"Mom?... Not possible. Mom has gone out of the area for office work. She said, daughter, because you are thinking the same way as you are.

"No dad. There it is. Look," said the daughter. Then the father looked in the direction his daughter said. Nivetha said her mother Padma was there laughing and talking closely with someone. The father took his daughter and walked towards where his wife Padma was.

Padma's daughter called "Mother" as she approached. She looked back. She woke up startled.

"Padma, what are you doing here?" asked the husband. Padma said nothing. She was silent.
The one with Padma said, "Who is this Padma? Calling you mother. Is this your child?" he asked. Padma was scared.

"What are you doing here Padma? You told me your are on business trip?" asked her husband Kumar.

"You told me that you are not married. Did you deceive me, Padma?" asked the person to padma. She didn'd say anything. After that, the person tacked the car and left from the park immediately.

Her husband asked to padma, "Are you involved with the person after you said you are going out of area? You have cheat me"

After that Her husband has gone immediately from the place. with his daughter Nivetha.
Padma was standing in the park not knowing what to do.

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