Meethamirukkum Sotkal: Stories of people and nature

The poems in the ‘Meethamirukkum Sotkal’ Tamil poetry collection are wonderful for the beauty that dances to the rhythm of the words. Poems that evolve without distorting reality are generally scant. At the same time, it is in the hands of a poet to carry the great lessons to the reader through his poems. Many poets do exactly that. Only a poet can visualize the present of society without its original flaws. He will fulfill the responsibility of adding easily to the reader without changing its character in the structure of the poem. Poet Jameel should be seen as important in the line of poets who do that work effectively.

There will be a language that can even be understood by illiterate people. Poet Jameel's poems can understand that the poet Jameel travels through his writings with the idea that the language is sweet. Many of the words used in the poems by the poet Jameel are that people naturally speak in the context in which they live. The poet Jameel observed and documented them in his writings. Everyone who reads 'Meethamirukkum sotkal' poetry collection will easily understand that he has documented the life course of the people living in the eastern province of Sri Lanka and the things they talk about.

'Meethamirukkum sotkal' can be taken from a collection of poems, and every experience can be felt while reading each poem. Moreover, the poet has written his poems so lightly that even lay people can easily understand them when they finish reading his poems.

This society is huge. We who live as witnesses to that society see some things and go missing. Although proper practice is found in some cases, inconsistencies are found in many cases. Many of the poems in this volume by the poet Jameel reflect the emphasis on the need to correct this imbalance. His poems appear in this volume of poetry as a scene of many things, such as happiness, sorrow, mourning, consolation, nostalgia, love, wounds.

Poet Jameel is from the Maruthamunai area of Ampara district. He has been involved in poetry for a long time and works in a government school. He entered literature in the 1990s and has written many poems so far. He is currently writing lots of short stories. This is something that is really welcome. We can celebrate the poet Jameel and his writings as a symbol of modern literature.

The ‘Meethamirukkum sotkal’ poetry volume has become a tool that teaches us about human life. Poet Jameel has portrayed every moment of life as experiential lessons without traveling words, like poetry. We will read and travel with his poems continually.

This article has been written by Nasar Ihjas

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