Importance of Library

 A library is a place where knowledge grows. Biography, history, literature, geography, reference books, short stories, psychology, weekly and monthly magazines and newspapers are all available in the libraries.

In our country there are public libraries like the national library, the state library, and mobile libraries. Libraries are set up in every school for the benefit of students and teachers.

In the library we can learn various things that can develop knowledge. The things we need for our research are also available there. Also, the library plays an important role in enhancing our language skills and reading fluency.

Tamil lady poet Awvayaar has said that "Intelligence can be obtained from books". The more we read, the more our knowledge grows. The backbone of it is the library.

Students, teachers, lecturers and professors from primary school to university use the book. Therefore, we, students, know the fear of the library and learn a lot of books there and develop our knowledge.

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